Aroma Hot Stone Massage

Benefits of hot stone massage include relaxation, relieving aches, arthritic pain, and anxiety, increased circulation, detoxification & toning of the skin. As a practitioner I would say it can ease pressure off our hands, as the heat quickly aids melt away deep seated aches and tension.

Attend all private massages, watch lectures, + complete 40 clinical massage sessions, 1 assignment, & clinical exam to certify and be insurable to practice as an Aroma-Hot Stone Masseuse. You deserve to love your work. Earn up to $125/90 minutes. You can now perform all 40 clinical in the comfort of your home.

Out of town students receive special rates when choosing Marriott Residence Inn,  as we are their spa providers. Our seamless spa services have earned us the title of official spa for Marriott Residence Inn, London since 2006.

This aroma-hot stone program is structured with 3 lectures to watch on your own, read the manual and 5 hands on massages trainings. Students learn therapeutic use of 25 essential oils, hot and cold therapy, as well as a heavenly 90 minute Swedish massage.

$150 discount applies for Spa Employees, certified Aromatherapist, Estheticians, Nurses, Spa Practitioners. Proof required. R.M.T.’s are half price – $425. Cost: $850 + HST. Students must wear scrubs to class and clinic and provide their own clean linens.

Pre-registration with 25% non-refundable deposit required. Classes limited to 5 students to ensure accelerated learning. ”Aroma-Hot Stone Certification” requires attending all 3 classes, completion of all 40 practicum hours blending assignment & practical exam. R.M.T.’s and Deep Tissue practitioners require only 25 clinical.

Course fee is to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to commencement dates in order to review D.V.D. and manual. Payment plans are available.

Most students receive certification within 3-6 months, although you have up to a year to complete all requirements.

Course Format:

NOTE: Course format is subject to revision. Dates

Course Outline:

  • Massage Clinical- 90 min full body hot stone massage with Swedish Techniques.
  • Hot Stone History & its Health Benefits
  • Scientific Theory
  • Types of Rocks and Stones
  • Precautions, Safety, & Contraindications
  • Thermotherapy, applications and benefits of heat and cold applications
  • Hot Stone Facial Technique, beneficial for headaches, sinus congestion and more
  • Cold stone therapy for acute injuries & inflammation, Cool Moonstone Facial Technique,
  • Aromatherapy – basic introduction to Aromatherapy, includes history, properties of 25 essential oils, blending rules and clinical safety information
  • Swedish Massage Techniques incorporating the stones into a deeply relaxing massage.
  • Learn about Business Registration, Liability Insurance, Marketing on a Shoe String Budget
  • Students are welcome to sign up for clinical hours at Networking Events, Outreaches, Demonstrations, Shows & Health Fairs that Inner Insights is involved in.
  • Chakras, Crystal and Colour Theory
  • Client Assessment, Modifications & Disclaimer Forms
  • Setting up your Massage Room, Draping Etiquette & Obtaining Client Consent
  • Massage Carrier Oils, various types for different skin types.
Certified Aromatherapy Massage Instructor, Stephie Cyr is an advanced Aromatherapist, is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Founded Inner Insights in 1998. Aroma-Hot Stone Massage Certification requires attendance of all classes, 40 out of class clinical (1.5 hr each), a blending assignment & a practical exam.

Hot stone massage decadent 90 minute head to toe massage includes strategic placing of stones as well massaging with hot stones to melt away any remaining strands of tension.

A luxurious addition to any spa, bridal party, retirement home, hotel or massage therapist’s treatments. The rocks’ heat facilitates a quick & gentle release which is appreciated by both the client and practitioner’s hands, especially in the winter time.

We have been teaching this certification course for about 20 years now & truly have wonderful results and graduates that are very confident & successful in their practice.

Student Hot Stone Massage clinic is $80 or follow us on Facebook for special & tips, on YouTube for DIY  .

Stephie has a steady client base as well as a solid teaching schedule but she always finds the time to promptly respond to my emails when I have any technique-based or business-related questions, to provide guidance if I am uncertain about a course of action, and to help me re-fill my stock in (sometimes desperate!) times of need. I am grateful to have such a supportive and giving teacher and for the lessons I continue to learn from Stephie. It is wonderful to know that the mentoring and friendship that developed during my studies also continues post-certification.” I mean. Every. Word. Much gratitude! Namaste, Kim E.