Crystals, Chakras & Aromatherapy

The workshops are $75 and include your personalized crystal, affirmation, and aromatherapy remedy (for stress, headaches, uplifting, aphrodisiac, you choose).

2 hour workshop -Become inspired to use your mindfulness and other invaluable tools to replace anxiety and worry with vision and empowerment.  Perhaps we could be more realistic or preferably optimistic by simply focusing more on mindfulness rather than a fear based focus.  Wish craft is in our power and our focus and belief accelerates its’ process.

Understanding the relationship of vital force/Ki/Chi/Energy with organs, tissues and glands can be enlightening and empowering.

Certain colours, cystals and even smells can unlock powerful blockages and allow us to access our true potential.  Aromatherapy can release anxiety and stress through inhaling their very chemistry…it can also be an effective aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, counter act depression and aid with bronchial dilation, headaches, menopause and so much more.

Join us for a relaxing and insightful afternoon. Learn psychic self defense to avoid energy suckers. Connect with various tools to nurture, protect and strengthen yourself.

Workshop Format:

Opening circle with traditional smudge-Learn about clearing energies that serve you no longer and how to protect yourself with psychic self defense (positive thinking, affirmations and visualizations).

Crystals, Chakras & Aromatherapy workshop -colours, aromatherapy and sound healing for chakras that may relate to reflexes or vibrations of tissues, organs, glands which have been known to aid release emotional barriers and patterns and reaffirm your personal power.

Wish List -Make your dream list. Stephie offers some exciting stories of manifestation that will excite you to your very core, and ideally have you listen to your inner voice of what makes you happy and follow that.  Harness your inner power, dream big and become inspired by your personal potential.

Personalized Aromatic Healing Remedy – We create a custom blend of essential oils for “your potion” or “remedy” that may aid with whatever you choose to create, your focus maybe anxiety, arthritis, aphrodisiac, aches, insomnia, migraines, etc.

Circle of Affirmations- Strength in numbers, share visions & affirm your goals, dream big and believe that you can make them happen. So mote it be.

Stephie Cyr travelled the world for nearly 4 years prior to founding Inner Insights in Feb. 1998.  She still actively travels seeking out shamans, nature and adventure.

Drawn to listen to my body and make informed choices on holistic health care I am soothed by my strength and faith in colours, crystals, essential oils and affirmations as empowering tools that I could take anywhere.  How does your body and soul express joy, is it possible to focus more on that?  I look forward to meeting you on the playground here at Inner Insights.  Sincerely, Stephie Cyr