Detox w/ detailed Iridology Assessment

Detox what? As an Iridologist, herbalist & nutritionist of nearly 20 years. Loads of people pm for how to detox but we are all different with different inherent weaknesses and addictions. A targeted detox begins with an understanding your puzzle & working to rehabilitate your weaker areas.
I read eyes to develop a tailored health plan. I do not believe in an overall body detox. That is a mild shot in the dark. I look to see if you have gall stones, parasites, drug deposits, kidney stones, yeast, weaknesses to lungs, nerves or heart and then give you a plan in priority sequence for your specific rehab. All of what I have just mentioned takes less than 3 weeks to rehabilitate. No stones, no yeast, no weaknesses. Seen many people cancel gall bladder surgery after 2 day cleanse. Kidney stones and bleeding clears usually within a week.
A full assessment takes about 1.5 hours to read your eyes, and 2 hours of me typing out your puzzle, and another visit to review and muscle test all the supplements you may have acquired over time. This process is $260. A mini assessment is just the eliminative and vital organs and often the best starting point. It is 1 visit, 45-60 minutes and is $160. A general consult with me is $85/ 30 minutes.
Why spend money and energy on things you don’t need or maybe are not even digesting. Most things I work with are from your kitchen cupboard or old school ways that you can make.
Cheapest way to see me is to come to a group workshop the Detox/Weightloss workshop ($90) and enjoy a fine meal while I discuss each eliminative organ, its’ function and what foods, herbs and supplements aid it.  Workshops run monthly. StephieCyr