Holistic School

This is an excellent opportunity to enter Canada’s fastest growing field, Holistic Health Care. If you have been thinking of a means to supplement your income, you won’t want to miss this bi-monthly opportunity. Study from the comfort of your home. Deliver relaxation & rejuvenation while you earn your living peacefully.

Stephie has a steady client base as well as a solid teaching schedule but she always finds the time to promptly respond to my emails when I have any technique-based or business-related questions, to provide guidance if I am uncertain about a course of action, and to help me re-fill my stock in (sometimes desperate!) times of need. I am grateful to  have such a supportive and giving teacher and for the lessons I continue to learn from Stephie. It is wonderful to know that the mentoring and friendship that developed during my studies also continues post-certification.

– Kim

The Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage course is the meat and bones of our massage courses with many specialty techniques. Stephie created this course over 20 years ago. A decade later she graduated with a Massage Therapy diploma and an Advanced Aromatherapy certificate and the course grew some more. Following several years of training in Asia Ms. Cyr again enriched Inner Insights students by sharing more lessons.  Graduates can earn up to $80/hr. Prerequisites are 16 years of age. Registration cut off is 2 weeks prior to classes.

We are recognized as a certified educational institution, approved by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. Our seamless spa services have earned us the title of official spa for Marriott Residence Inn, London for over 12 years. Make the steps towards a peaceful lifestyle.

Holistic School

Inner Insights founder, Stephie Cyr, graduated from D’Arcy Lane 2200 hr massage program in 2007. She graduated in 2010 from Advanced Aromatherapy course (chemistry boot camp really), a Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist C.F.A., recognized course. She has been enjoying enriching her students with a more in-depth knowledge  of essential oils, specialized massage techniques and trusts these endeavors ensure we continue to establish and maintain high quality standards in the holistic industry. Kelly Edwards teaching the course in London Ontario.

Nourish the practitioner course. Enjoy inspirational stories, stretches and healthy habits.

There’s a wonderfully targeted business lecture and plenty of diverse clinical massage time in your home clinical practicals to aid build your confidence and practice from. With a well rounded Holistic Health Care Instructor, you’ll learn specialized techniques like Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Tissue Stripping, Joint Distractions, & pressure points. Some of our outreaches in past times include the Fanshawe College, Marriott Residence Inn, SunFest, WomanCare Midwives for pregnancy and infant massage, and Retirement Homes.

You are something else and I love it.  I’m so glad i got to meet you, see the person you are and learn from your wealth of information taking the deep tissue massage course.  It has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now in helping others with their stresses of life and….who doesn’t love a massage?  We’ve all heard, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” and in September of 2012, the time was right. I’ve learned so much about the aromatherapy oils and their uses, the pressurepoints and their muscle groups, chakras, massage techniques, even enjoyed being massaged by others in my class and massaging real case clients in the course.  Having the hands on experience of learning and doing really sets things into perspective. Once again, Thank you and keep up the great work.  You are a gift to this world! May you be blessed with HEALTH-WEALTH, LOVE, PEACE & LIGHT Always!

– Natalie

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