Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage

Due to COVID we have made changes to our program. We now offer the lecture component on YouTube for you to enjoy from the comfort off your home. They are 35 minutes to 1hour in length x 6 lectures. View all lectures, complete 55 clinical hours, written exam, assignment & clinical exam to certify in Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage.

Students have the option to practice with the instructor for  6-1 hour massage training through zoom or at Inner Insights. We will do 2 massages a day together. We will work with you and one other student to schedule these sessions. You are welcome and encouraged to be a guest for another student ($60) so you may also learn through receiving.

With our massage DVD and a newly revised near 200 page manual you also receive essential oil cards that describe various benefits, applications, contraindications, and their chemical constitutes. There are also over a 100 condition cards naming various essential oils that have been show to benefit these conditions.

Lastly, included in your package there are wonderful cheat sheets highlighting massage techniques and a DVD of a 90 minute massage to help accelerate your practice with confidence.

The 6 massages in class do not count towards your clinical, they are simply part of your training.  Guests will fill out health histories and feedback evaluations on service provided and Students document how they customized massage with oils, techniques and home care advise.

Filling out forms allows us to discuss & modify your techniques depending on guest’s individual needs. These are great recording tools that you’ll want to keep in your professional practice. During the learning curve, you have wonderful resources at your fingertips to customize essential oil blends and make modifications to massage techniques due to cautions or various needs.

We are at Fanshawe College approximately 12 times a year offering mini massages to student during exams as part of their “Chill Lounge”, thanks to Fanshawe Student Union. (This is on a COVID time out)

Each Tuesday evening 6-7:30pm we offer mini massages at our partner hotel, Marriott Residence Inn, with majority of clients being corporate or cancer clients receiving treatments. ( COVID time out)

Essentially, we offer a wide range of enriching opportunities to complete your clinical hours with a variety of clientele.  You will be asked to submit your desired schedule & we will do our best to accommodate you.

***Due to COVID we are welcoming you to do your 55 clinical massages at your home on friends and family. Though you can not charge them for your training, you are welcome to accept gratuities.

Learn a variety of massage techniques from deep tissue with elbows, joint mobilizations, lymphatic drainage, specialized poultice support for acute injuries, pressure points for nausea, headaches, neck pain, forearm strain, sciatica and more. Protect your hands & wrists with various posture, ergonomics & supportive techniques. We safely assist you to create a customized aromatic oil blend to enhance each clients needs and experience. Homecare tips empower individuals to stretch, strengthen & nurture tissues to ease pain, maintain symmetry and harmony.

Enjoy helping people with good health, vitality & pain free mobility.

90 minute Massage Sequence with Deep Tissue, elbows, a dozen pressure points, fascia release techniques, a handful of reflexology points, Joint Play to increase range of motion, Lymphatic Drainage to reduce swelling & boost immunity, Hydrotherapy (hot & Cold Aromatic Compresses) & Swedish Massage.

Aromatherapy & History Over 60 various monographs on Essential Oils & over 100 conditions that they can benefit Chemistry of essential oils Obtaining Consent Safety & Contraindications/Cautions Basic Anatomy & Pathology Special Modifications to technique due to certain cautions presented Alkalizing, Live Nutrients, & other natural food aids & Health Benefits home care -Stretching and Strengthening [/dt_sc_fancy_ul]

Basic Chemistry Quality Control Essential oil extraction Storage Carrier Oils Client Safety Client Health History

Pathology 101 Basic Anatomy Gait Analysis Stretching & Strengthening Techniques Nutrition 101-supporting healthy joints, tissues and digestion Business Basics -How to promote yourself on a shoe string budget Practical -modifications for sinus problems, acute injuries, sciatica, headaches, etc.

Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage graduates can feel empowered and proud to offer safe & highly effective techniques to relaxing muscles and releasing tension.

Complete all 3 classes, your 55 at home clinical hours, blending assignment, and examinations to be an: Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner and be professionally insurable for liability insurance. $880+H.S.T. 4 month Payment plans available for an additional $140.

This is an excellent opportunity to enter Canada’s fastest growing field, Holistic Health Care. If you have been thinking of a relaxing means to supplement your income, you won’t want to miss this tri-annual opportunity.

Deliver relaxation & rejuvenation while you earn extra money peacefully.

Inner Insights owner and Instructor of Aromatherapy, Stephie Cyr, graduated from a 2 year teaching apprentice for Aromatherapy massage in 2002. In 2007 she graduated from D’Arcy Lane 2200 hr massage program. She graduated in 2010 from Advanced Aromatherapy course (chemistry boot camp really), a Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist C.F.A., recognized course. She has trained in over half a dozen massage modalities, many of them with legendary teachers she sought out in Asia. She enjoys enriching students with a more in-depth knowledge of essential oils, specialized massage techniques and trusts these endeavors ensure we continue to stand out for our high quality standards in the holistic industry.

From learning basic wholesome nutrition to brochure analysis with business marketing and various specialized massage techniques and outreach clinical – this is really a hands on experience in a course.

Lectures include aromatherapy safety, techniques, cautions and modifications, anatomy and pathology. There’s a wonderfully targeted business lecture and plenty of diverse clinical massage time to prepare you to help other conditions.

With a well-rounded Holistic Health Care Practitioner of over a dozen certifications and over 23 years as your Instructor, you’ll learn some specialized techniques like Swedish, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Pressure Points for migraines, sinuses etc., Deep Muscle Stripping with elbows, joint stretches and mobility work to enhance your results with your massage practice.

Learn safety and benefit from incorporating essential oils into your sessions. Avoid sensitization of essential oils by respecting their chemistry, rotating harsh ones and diluting them well. Aromatherapy has much validated medicinal research on essential oils, as to their benefits when used safely in your practice. Inner Insights provides a manual with how to use Essential oils safely externally, oil chemical analysis & properties, cautions and modifications. Learn which oils you should use for sensitive skin & which should be avoided. What is best to use for headaches during the day as opposed to in the evening.

You will feel confident with your tools to support customized massage with techniques, essential oil & home care support with your Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage Certification.

Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage course is $880.

This is not a replacement for seeking medical advise, rather complimentary, See disclaimer re Inner Insights and Stephie Cyr do not dispense medical advise or prescribe the use of or the discontinuance of any medications. Stephie suggests checking in with your Dr. about foods/juices/supplements & possible reactions with your medications, even depending on what time of day it is taken or with what combination for examples. The instructor’s intent is to create a safe learning atmosphere to making modifications depending on requirements and reactions to techniques, aromatic blends and homecare advice. This course or any recommendation in it, are not intended to be a replacement for sound medical advice from a physician.

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