Holistic Aroma-Spa Program

Join Canadian leaders in holistic Aroma Spa education, Inner Insights is currently celebrating their 24th Anniversary. Aroma Holistic Spa Certification is a 5 day course + a blending assignment & clinical exam.

Many spas are now offering ecological choices for your skin, health & wellbeing; as well as for Mother Nature’s Sustainability. This professional hands-on certification program is designed to provide you with safe, natural & effective knowledge of performing 6 different natural spa modalities;

Botanical Facials, Seaweed Body Wraps, Salt Glows Mud Pack with Back Massage, Hot Oil Scalp Massage, Botanical Hand Spa & Foot Spas.

In addition to promoting relaxation, skin detoxification & rejuvenation, our Eco Spa approach to health care does not consist of harsh acids, alcohols, chemicals, extraction units or sharp tools. Our focus is on clearing skin naturally and offering specialized massage techniques for various conditions all the while focus on deeply relaxing the guest.
All of our products are from ethical producers, local whenever possible, vegetarian based and not tested on animals.
You will learn benefits and variations of botanicals and clays and spend hands on in clinic setting. 

You really are a great teacher Stephie, the spark in your eye and the knowledge you have about holistic health, nutrition and your positive energy and feedback…I’ve always felt brighter when around you.”

– Graduate of Hot Stone & Holistic Spa Program Kelly Rogers, Happy Rock Holistics

Learn a truly holistic approach to rejuvenating skin care, and naturally expressing beauty. Inner Insights is devoted to holistic education, the environment, & you as an individual.

Students receive a spa manual which outlines step by step each of the 6 spa sessions, health history, cautions and modifications, and the benefits of herbs, clays and oils to accelerate rejuvenation of an individuals skin care. Video link of all spa massage techniques is also included.

The Eco Spa sessions include Seaweed Body Wrap, Botanical Facial, Hot Oil Scalp Massage, Salt Glow Mud Pack, Foot & Hand spas and Swedish Back Massage.

This is an excellent opportunity to enter Canada’s fastest growing field, Holistic Health Care.  Being certified through Inner Insights provides you with confidence and safety of applying skills and knowledge of these various aromatherapy spa sessions and the ability to purchase liability insurance. The Holistic Aroma-Spa program runs quarterly.

We are BBB members and our seamless spa services have earned us the title of official spa for Marriott Residence Inn, London for over 12 years.

Course investment is $1850 includes class materials, Massage Videos, manuals, examination fees and practicing 6 spa services.

Payment plans available for additional $150. A 25% non-refundable deposit secures class placement. We limit classes to 6 students for accelerated learning and individual guidance. Students must attend all 5 classes, a blending assignment and a 2.5 hour practical exam in order to obtain a Holistic Aroma-Spa certification. Should you need to change classes, it is a $150 transfer fee. You have a year to complete all requirements to certify.

Inner Insights believes the booming Holistic Spa success is largely attributed to people demanding clean products free of  toxins. We are returning to basics and remembering the magical gifts in our ancestors natural ways.

At Inner Insights, we only use the highest quality essential oils, Fine clays, and over a dozen wild crafted herbs.  All ingredients are locally sourced when possible and are free of any animal testing.  Embark on a holistic healing path today!

Day 1 Hand and Foot spa -Common pathologies (arthritis, plantar/palmar fasciitis, medial and lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis, athlete feet, plantar wart ; some beneficial massage techniques (carpal and digital distractions, joint play to metacarpals and metatarsals as well as to interosseous membrane of the radius and ulna pressure points to insertions of medial and lateral forarm muscle attachment, bowing tendons to relax tissues and release tension.

Aromatherapy oils are customized (ie for inflammation, arthritis, fungal/athlete’s feet, warts, sensitive and oily skin, botanical wraps & benefits of various topical compresses. For example some herbs like witch hazel draw out excessive oils and have astringent properties, beneficial to oily skin, to close pores and aid mend broken capillaries.

We incorporate up to a dozen various herbs into our foot and hand soak or any other spa sessions. Trigger a few reflexology points such as stimulating parasympathetic nerve reflexes and lymphatic drainage reflex.

Format of foot/hand spa.  Soak in botanical brew with customized essential oils perhaps some avocado oil, shea butter, dead sea or Epsom salts.  A 10 minute exfoliating scrub with gentle disposable gloves and muslin botanical bag.  Removing from hand or foot soaks we add salve or shea butter to cuticle, file nails and scrub off some of callus layer on heels with disposable pumice stone.  The last 20-30 minutes of the session is relaxed on massage table enjoying a wonderful massage with a heat pack on neck and or tummy and lavender eye pillow on their eyes.

Day 2 Facials and Hot Oil Scalp Massage

1-1.5 hr lecture beneficial for dry/oily scalp, everything from fats to take internally like seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut oil and externally (jojoba, macadamia, avocado hot oil scalp infusion session.  We discuss getting a filter on your shower head, food sources of silica to encourage healing of hair kin and nails, how stress, nutrition and thyroid can play a part in your hair skin nails health. 

Aromatherapy for scalp problems or for reducing hair loss and encouraging growth.  We discuss David Suzuki’s dirty dozen list, so  encouraging natural products without harsh chemicals like parabens and lauryl sulfates.  We discuss how to comb your hair, how to avoid causing damage to your hair and encourage hot oil scalp massages at least seasonally to nourish scalp.

 Lecture on Facial Variations depending on skin type.  We offer botanical steam compresses and botanical scrubs, various clays and seaweed to paint a mask, a floral tonic to close the pores and reduce tired puffy eyes. Sinus drainage and paint a laugh line serum to nourish the delicate tissues like eyes and lips.    Our chest and facial massage includes some lymphatic drainage, some tapotment to increase circulation, skin rolling and fascial stripping on wrinkles, T. M.J. muscle stripping, sinus drainage, headache pressure points.  There are many variations to additions to the mask such as cold mask in winter with yogurt or extra emollients like honey and oats in drier times

 Day 3 Salt Glow Back Massage & Seaweed Body Wrap

The 1st service is primarily for acne backs, with Dead Sea Salt Scrub as well as extra botanical scrubs. Seaweed Body wraps are a detox and nourishing skin session that slough off dead skin skins and paints seaweed to wrap & infuse, and then offer a moisturizing aromatic relaxing Swedish back and posterior leg massage to nourish the nerves, muscles, and skin.  There are variations to essential oil choices depending on for cellulite, acne, eczema, inflammation, arthritis, menopause etc.

Day 4 & 5 Spa Review Day

Facial and salt glow mud pack back massage.  Botanical steam and scrub to back.  Salt scrub to back is optional.  Seaweed or various clay paint and infused with a hot towel for 20 minutes.  We wash it off with hot botanical towels.  Close the pores with an aromatherapy floral water & then offer a relaxing Facial/Swedish back massage with customized carrier oils & essential oils.

Students have an assignment with 10 case studies on what modifications they would offer with essential oils, cautions, contraindications, various massage techniques, and customized home care advise with general nutrition and stretches.

Following 5 clinical days in class, students have a clinical exam to run thru a half day with salt glow, facial and foot spa, guiding client on and off table,  informing of process, choices, modifications & homecare advise. There is no written exam for this course.

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