Inner Insights Products

Welcome to Inner Insights®’ product information page. Our customers’ health and safety are our highest priorities.

Our blends are free of harsh acids, dyes, petroleum, and other chemical additives.  We believe in avoiding the dirty dozen list.

Inner Insights® uses only the finest quality pesticide- and herbicide-free essential oils and herbs. All of our essential oils are ethically produced and are not tested on animals.

Base Products & Customized Natural Skin Care

All of our blends can be customized to meet your skin type needs and preferences. Be aware of what’s in your beauty products and stay clean by avoiding David Suzuki’s dirty dozen list.

“I was there a couple of weeks ago and received a full spa day from one of your students which was an absolutely wonderful experience! Before my facial, I have been struggling with acne for years. After the facial, and the guidance to use the lavender products, I am happy to say that my face has been very under control and almost flawless! I have been even able to stop taking the antibiotics and harsh medicated creams for my face with these amazing natural products! You have made me into a believer that the natural way is such an amazing route to go! Stephanie MacDonald, UWO”

Ordering Information

To provide excellent service to both our existing clients and our new customers, we are continually expanding and updating our inventory. If there is something you would like to purchase but you do not see it listed, please feel free to contact us.

Order online  or at  Been Garden in London.  Mail out orders are also available $10 flat rate. We accept Credit/Debit and e-mail transfers.

The Been Garden 796 Dundas st. in London Ontario carries our essential oils, carrier oils, shampoos, conditioners, healing salves & bath bombs.  If there is something else you are looking for please contact myself  by email or through texting/calling Stephie 519 673-1830.  We welcome signature blends.

Please do not drop by Inner Insights to pick up products as we are not a drop in centre.  Stephie is a one woman show, without a receptionist and is either teaching classes or offering private services from 10-6, 7 days a week.  Thank you for supporting small local businesses. Namaste.

Photography by: Wendy Saby Saby Siren Productions and Jen Masters

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