Dead Sea Salt

Magnesium Chloride Salt-If you have eczema or psoriasis consider applying the healing salve after bathing. This deep cleanse and moisture will greatly accelerate your skin’s healing.

My son’s father is a commercial fisherman in Alaska and we always say…”you never see a fisherman with skin or lung problems” -Stephie Cyr

Add 1-2 cups to your hot bath and soak for 20 minutes. Known as a wonderful muscle relaxant for deep aches and pains. Also known to alleviate stress, disinfect and maybe helpful to draw out impurities such as acne, boils, splinters & eczema. Rinse off after bathing and apply a moisturizing oil like Avocado, Hemp or Macadamia.

Product Cost
1 lb $5.00
25 lbs $90.00
50 lbs $150.00