Nutritional & Iridology

Perhaps your eyes are the window to more than just your soul…Are you ready to cleanse, rejuvenate, and revitalize yourself? An iridology reading gains valuable insight into the reflex that may represent each state of vital organs, glands, and tissues in the body.

Want more energy, weight loss, guidance with food and health plan….

Mini Consultation with mini Eye assessment: 45 min. – 1 hour (strengthen vital organs and detox eliminative organs), $160

Full Eye Assessment: Two 1.5-hour appointment + 30 minute follow up 1 week later,   $285, Children 16 and under: $195

Accelerate your healing and optimize your life with a completely customized health plan. Feel excited and empowered to be a part of your healthcare team.  Listen and understand your body, mind and spiritual needs and you will ensure optimal care for yourself. Learn healthy diet tips like alkalinity, herbal teas, food combinations, Superfoods, healthy grains, sprouting and juicing, yoga and meditations.  Take a deep breath and a little time to care for you.

General Consultation – Do you have basic health concerns, such as weight loss, high blood pressure, or cholesterol, that you would like to perhaps encourage to rebalance, naturally? Let’s take a peek at the underlying factors, Stephie has over 20 years of experience as a nutritionist and iridologist. She will support your choice to rejuvenate your system by offering you healthy options to make informed choices on.

General consult 30 minutes ($100), 45 minutes ($125), 1hour ($150)


HOT FLASHES GONE IN A DOSE — Just got in from MiltonÊ .. wanted to message and  say thank you for seeing me today giving me you’d valuable time when your son is home … you ladies were amazing ..I feel great .. I’m in awe of your knowledge Stephie , sooo thrilled to be on this journey and that I was guided to you .. BTW a tablespoon is alot that black cohosh wow ,yuck ,burns and numbs lol  but the difference after just once in intensity of flashes ..night and day ! I’m thrilled excited and feeling blissful .. Thank you so much.. 

Love & light Lisa

I have friends interested.  Just reading the nutrition detox workshop. I’m thinking 2 fold I know many hot flashing overweight struggling women!  I could perhaps organize to bring a few to work shop there.. I can’t tell you I’m beyond words excited to reap your knowledge this is the beginning of the path I have been lead to, the journey to get here has been well travelled but the knowing this is my path has me beaming inside out.. and wow that stuff is wicked. I watch clock and breath thru that 30 seconds. Worth every second.


Thank you so much for the iridology reading for my granddaughter Natalie tonight. It was excellent, she was extremely pleased and most impressed.

It is always a pleasure to see you and you never cease to amaze me with your wisdom of holistic healing therapies. I so look forward to the next time we meet, hopefully it will be soon.

Until then, many thanks. Do hope your holiday adventure in Peru with your son is fantastic.

In Love and Light,

Catharine Spraggett

Ever since I was young, I have been on birth control to help regulate my periods. My husband and I wanted to have children, and after trying for a year, we were referred to a fertility clinic, where I was shortly diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

My periods and hormones were very irregular, causing acne, mood swings, weight fluctuation, and periods every three to six months. We got pregnant with Clomid the first month, and then, three months later, we miscarried. After recovering, we went back to the clinic to determine our next move. I was put on Clomid, then a higher dose of Clomid and Femara, then a higher dose of Clomid and Femara with shots of Progesterone along with inserting estrogen vaginally. Meanwhile, I was not naturally getting my period for at least 45 days at a time; therefore taking birth control for seven days in order to jump start my period. I was having to go the clinic every other day to do blood work and ultrasounds to see my follicle progression.

After fainting at work (probably from the stress and added hormones), my body was telling me to slow down and take a break from this chaos. We took a three-month break, and I still didn’t get my period. Then I met Stephie at a healing circle at Shangrila Yoga Studio where healers come together to give or receive healing. She told me about TFE, a natural female formula to regulate your hormones. I started taking TFE about a month ago and feel absolutely great; it has been a transformation. My skin feels better, my bowels work better, my libido has significantly increased, and I FINALLY got my period naturally.

I don’t have the stress of having to go to a clinic to monitor my progression, and Stephie is always there to answer any questions I may have. What a blessing to meet someone with so much knowledge and empowerment.

Heather M., London, ON

Stephie Cyr has been practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist and Iridologist since 1998. She has worked with various conditions and helped thousands of people rejuvenate their health naturally. You will be surprised at what your eyes will reveal with reflexes. Reflexes may indicate high salts, fats, kidney or gallbladder stone reflexes, inherent weakness, digestive disturbances, lack of oxygen, or simply too much sugars.

Understanding the root of your health concerns may aid your rapid rehabilitation. Reach out and feel better now.

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