Bridal/Goddess Pamper Packages

You are welcome to choose any number of workshops or services. Laid out below are a few specials you may also choose from. Call us and we’d be happy to customize the perfect Day or Weekend Retreat for you and your special guests.

Choose any spa sessions, workshops or classes for your party. 10th guest is free. In the comfort of your own home is an option.


Aromatherapy Massage

We blend the benefits of essential oils with Swedish Massage to encourages tranquility & mental clarity while enhancing the body’s spiritual and physical needs.

Complete Bliss – 1.5 hours – $150

Full Body Massage – 1 hour – $100

Back Massage – 1/2hr. – $60

Hot-Stone Massage

A Swedish full body massage with warm stones to de-stress and melt away all remaining strands of strain & tension. A profoundly peaceful experience.

90 min. – $170

Back $75

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Destress the mind while we nourish your hair and scalp with a sensational massage. A select blend of essential oils with pure jojoba oil to penetrate, tone and treat the scalp, while leaving your hair with a lustrous brilliant shine.

25 minutes – $60

Floating Feet SPA

Immerse your tender tootsies into a warm herbal soak. We scrub & pay special care to cuticles & calluses. An aromatic blend is massaged in to re-moisturize & allow you to slip into deep relaxation.

60 min – $100

Mini Pedicure (Cleanse & Massage) = .5 hr – $65

Herbal Hand SPA

Bathe & gently scrubbed in a herbal bath with pure essential oils, and Shea Butter to cleanse & re-hydrate your hands. Cuticle care, nails filed and painted. Skilled massage techniques focus on relieving aches while offering a relaxing forearm and hand aromatherapy massage.

60 min. – $100

Mini Manicure (Cleanse & Massage) = 30 min. – $55

Intuitive Reading

An intuitive reading incorporates various tools into the read such as psychometry, crystals and cards created to enhance healing and clarity. Insights are offered with compassion and honesty to provide you with a deep focus to address your concerns with guidance & confidence.

30 min. – $65

1Hr – $110.

Reiki Boost

Reiki is a deep relaxation experience that allows the bodies vital energies to flow freely, clearing blockages and balancing the body, mind and spirit.

30 min. – $60


Blending Signature Perfumes

Signature your own Aromatic Perfume with guidance from Stephie Cyr, a certified Aromatherapy Instructor. Interested in making a special potion, perhaps an aphrodisiac, or one for mental clarity/hang over remedy, or maybe a natural bug repellant. With over 50 different essential oils to choose from you can create your dreams.

Workshop fee is $30 / person *includes literature and your Signature Perfume in a blue cobalt glass bottle.

Bath Bombs

We help you make your very own batch of 16 bath time delights. Learn many variations to the bath bombs, and leave with your own batch and the recipes. Enjoy blissful bathing and a rich silky smooth complexion. Swirl colours into your bombs and enjoy colour therapy in your bath.

$35/person OR $25/ child

Destress & Empowerment

We’ll explore De-stressing techniques such as aromatherapy, mantras & meditation, foods & fasting, and various natural cleanses for clarity of mind, body and a rejuvenated spirit. Dream Big, Dream Out Loud & Create Your Reality! Lots of exciting stories of co-creation are shared. Awaken your inherent intuition, and achieve your soul’s truest desire Co-create your dreams with the power of positive thinking and a few healthy supplements. Listen to your body & soul to spark your spirit to empower yourself.


Vitality & Vision

Stephie Cyr, Alternative Nutritionist & founder of Inner Insights and Goddess Retreats motivates individuals to Empower & Recharge themselves naturally. Learn loads of effective & inexpensive nutritional nuggets to optimize your health and life potential.

$40/ person

Vegetarianism & Organics

An enlightening seminar to encourage cleanses, rejuvenation & prevention of disease. We discuss risks associated with G.M.O.’s and pesticides and their organic alternatives. It’s surprisingly simple for a vegan/vegetarian to factor in those Special Nutrients (B Vitamins, Iron, & Protein) with rich & inexpensive sources like hemp & wheatgrass. Learn yummy ways to work with tempeh, tofu and T.V.P. Guests enjoy samples to welcome in these new delights.

$45/ person

Motion & Momentum

Exotic Goddess Dance – For Sensuality and Empowerment

We explore movements with class and jaw dropping sensuality. This workshop can enrich your life, both playfully and sexually. Each Goddess leaves with a dance to show her partner. The intension is to feel confident in your sexy ways, to not trip taking things off and to rock your flirty side. We invite all women over 18 to have fun with this playful workshop You don’t need to have any training.

$65 per guest

Yoga – For Strength & Stamina

Yoga can enrich your life, both physically and spiritually. The intension of these classes to build Strength & Stamina by supporting your bodies needs. We invite you to enjoy your breath in peace. Increase mobility, flexibility, balance, fortify nerves, enhance digestion, sleep, intuition, and vitality.

$120 per class

Yoga Dance

A blend of dance and yoga Stephie takes “natural highs” to invigorating new levels. Yoga poses woven into rhythms, stimulate creative dance impulses. Yummy stretches and partner yoga loosens tight muscles. Guided group dance and initiate creative expressive dance to ambient and playful music. This is an invitation to free your mind and dance to your heart’s desire.

1. hr – $30 per person

Weight loss Workshop

Zone in on your weight loss challenge with iridology. Holistic Nutritionist, Stephie Cyr will assess individual’s state of organs and glands and recommend cleanses, yummy diet guidelines and simple movements to improve tone with weight loss. We are revving metabolism, stimulating vitality & sparking spirits.

Group Workshops – 2.hrs – $50/person

*Includes mini iridology assessment, movement and laughter.

Detox Naturally Workshop

Enhance your Energy, Clarity, and Immunity with a good toxic dump. Catered organic dinner with fresh juices will motivate your senses. Also includes mini iridology assessment and healthy handouts. Explore various wholesome ways to cleanse and rejuvenate each eliminative organ naturally, with food sources, juice fasts, and supplemental cleansers.

2.hrs – $75/person without food $60

Our Goddess Pamper Package ( 3.5 hrs ) generally consist your choice of any 1 workshop plus 2 hrs. of selected spa services. Click to view Spa menu This Goddess Spa Day is an intimate gathering for women to take time for themselves and have fun while doing it.

3.5hrs – $350.

Advantage of these gathering of goddesses are:

Unforgettable Bridal Spa Pamper Parties

To strengthen friendships

Encourage joy, peace and healing

Focus & Empowerment

Motivational Movements

Diva Day-You are special and deserve this blissful care

We can accommodate up to 150 guests within the London and surrounding area. There is a $30 house call fee within the London area per practitioner, which is wavered with 6 or more friends


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