Eco Mom & Baby Care

Stephie had a homebirth which included massage, herbal baths, aromatherapy, and acupuncture to name a few things. She raised Keenan on breast milk, homemade super baby food, offered massages, reflexology and other natural remedies.   That was 22 years ago.  Since then she has taught at Womancare midwives, Inner Insights and various community groups to help mom’s and babies naturally and her passion and success with supporting healthy babies earned her title of Remedy Mama.

Within this workshop we are looking to assist you with your struggles whether that be emotional, symmetrical, pathological or simply nourishing your little guy to prevent food sensitivities & strengthen their immunity.

Learn a gentle massage to sooth nerves, bond, nourish skin conditions, strengthen immunity and aid relieve constipation.

Safe essential oils for baby aid with sleep, sinus decongestant, etc.

Foods and teas to aid increase lactation and energy.

Interested in making your own Super BabyFood. Foods should be introduced in a certain order to build strength, ease digestion & reducing chances of allergies and inflammation.

Learn invaluable holistic tools for you and your precious baby. 90 minutes, $175, includes a mini diapers rash salve.

baby reflexology

 A healthy start builds a strong foundation.

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