Wellness Seminars

Seminars can be booked for your Employee De-stress/Wellness Day to include interactive seminars, and spa treatments.

Interested in seminars and wellness days on Health & Vitality, Spa Treatments, De-Stress & Empower, Yoga for the Office? We offer various captivating and interactive seminars for a dozen to 300, with 6-12 therapists to offer sample spa sessions for all guests. Call Stephie for more information 519 673-1830

Come and join us for this exciting series of interactive sessions on holistic health: listen to lectures, make your own aromatic remedy/perfume, experience a massage, ask questions and win prizes!

In my role as a government manager and now working in the private sector I have had the privilege to use the many talents of Stephie as a “wellness” speaker more than 20 times. What I have appreciated about Stephie is that if I decide at the last minute to change the focus of the day to a particular topic, she goes for it. The participants always enjoy the talk. The evaluation always say the same thing “more Stephie”. If you want a speaker who can deliver, Stephie is the person to use. As a facilitator I enjoy the fact that when Stephie is speaking I can sit back and relax and enjoy her talk too.” Judy Buck

#1 Super Foods for Immunity & Vitality -A natural high while getting away from popping vitamins. Enjoy samples of yummy Super Foods to strengthen Immunity, Vitality and Boost your Energy.

#2 SuperFoods and Juicing -Try some delicious fun new ways of achieving health.  Learn of nutrient dense Superfoods to sprinkle into your diet and the benefits of detoxing and replenishing nutrients with juicing. Absorption and immunity skyrocket with pure and unprocessed nutrients.  A delicious inspiration and journey towards vitality and wellbeing.

#3 The Dirty Dozen-Chemicals in our beauty & cleaning products-Stephie helps consumers make informed choices on their cleaning and beauty products. Did you know that there are many effective and inexpensive products you can make. Learn more about what you are putting on your body and feel empowered making or sourcing cleaner choices. For over 16 years, Stephie Cyr, Nutritionist, Herbalist & Iridologist has been teaching workshops on creating eco soaps, shampoos, deodorants, aromatic remedies, salves for dry skin and more.

#4 Holistic Medley Seminar & Services– mini samples to relax and release tension and aches. Explore spa services and learn of their benefits as your relax. Stephie discusses various spa services and their benefits for arthritis, chronic pain, nerve pain, muscle spasm, etc. Choice of treatments include Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, & Massage with Aromatherapy, Swedish Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage. Bonus take home a gift card for $10 off your next spa service.

Our professional team of certified practitioners offer insights to health benefits, and various de-stressor tips you can integrate naturally into your every day life. Make informed choices for your health today that can build on brighter tomorrows.

#5 Iridology & Nutrition– Eyes that see right through you! Yeast, high sodium & cholesterol, kidney stones, chemical imbalances, &digestive disturbances, are just a few of the things your eyes can tell us of your constitution. Following a talk on Iridology & tweaking your health naturally, Stephie will conduct mini iridology assessments on those guests interested in receiving additional health guidance. Stephie has been practicing Iridology full time for over 20 years and of her 12 certificates, it is the most fascinating and accurate modality she has learned.

Iridology is the study of the iris. It is a reflex in the eyes that may relate to an individual’s tissues, organs and glands integrity. Examples of what reflexes can be revealed are inherent weaknesses, parasites, digestive disturbances, and inflamed tissues, all by a simple glance with a magnifying glass and halogen light. Understanding your body’s imbalances aids to quickly restores one’s optimum health.

#6 Blending Signature RemedyPerfume– Learn how to make an effective aphrodiasiac perfume,sinus or headache relief, bug off repellant, and spritzer for airborne germ warfare with guidance from Stephie Cyr, a certified Aromatherapy Instructor. Interested in making a special remedy? There are heaps of options, one for mental clarity/hang over remedy, or maybe a spray for depression. With over 60 different essential oils to choose from you can create your dreams. Seminar includes raffling off a bug repellent, and Clean Air remedy.

#7 Vegetarianism & Organics-An enlightening seminar to encourage detox, rejuvenation & disease prevention. We discuss risks that maybe associated with hormone rich foods, G.M.O.’s and pesticides and their organic alternatives. It’s surprisingly simple for a vegan/vegetarian to factor in those Special Nutrients (B Vitamins, Iron, & Protein) with rich & inexpensive sources. Guests enjoy samples to welcome in these new delights.

#8 Aromatherapy Remedies 101-Stephie Cyr, Aromatherapy Instructor and owner of Inner Insights Holistic School & SPA guides us through an interactive Aromatic experience. We’ll share valuable insights regarding safety and healing remedies for anxiety, aches burns, warts, depression, menopause, and much more.

Essential oils and other goodies are awarded throughout the presentation for memory re-tension and loads of fun. A question/answer period follows the seminar where individuals are welcome to seek out effective remedies for their health concerns. Spa goodies will be raffled off for memory retention & interactive fun.

#9 De-stress & Empowerment – We’ll explore De-stressing techniques such as aromatherapy, breath, foods & fasting, and various natural cleanses for clarity of mind, body and a rejuvenated spirit. Then we explore dreams and the power of wishing. Creating your dreams begins with defining them. Use your inherent intuitive tools to build your future. Stephie shares exciting stories of co-creation. Awaken your power, and achieve your soul’s truest desire

#10 Vitality & Vision -Stephie Cyr, Alternative Nutritionist & Founder of Inner Insights motivates individuals to nurture and recharge themselves naturally. Learn and sample loads of effective & inexpensive nutritional nuggets to optimize your health and life potential.

#11 Weight Loss Workshop Zone in on your weight loss challenge with iridology. Alternative Nutritionist, Stephie Cyr will assess individual’s state of organs and glands and recommend cleanses, alternative diet guidelines, and simple fun exercises to improve muscle tone and promote rapid weight loss. We are revving metabolism, stimulating vitality & sparkling spirits. Includes mini iridology assessments, fresh juices, samples, movement and laughter.

#12 Detox Time– Cleanse on the body, mind and spirit. Foods, and supplements to encourage a huge toxic dump. Feel buoyancy, and vitality! Learn to look for signs of sluggish tissues and try some kitchen cupboard remedies like garlic, seeds and grass.

#13 Restorative Yoga at the Workplace-Yoga can enrich your life, both physically and spiritually. The intension of these classes release tension and increase fluidity, range of motion and productivity. We invite you to enjoy your breath in peace. Increase mobility, flexibility, balance, fortify nerves, enhance digestion, sleep, intuition, and vitality.

Stephie Cyr captivates, enriches, and motivates audiences with her dynamic personality and well rounded education. Stephie Cyr is a certified Instructor for Aromatherapy Massage, as well as certified in Holistic Spa Services, Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, Iridologist, Bamboo Massage, Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (internal organ massage), Reflexologist, Reiki Master and faithful Yoga practitioner. She graduated from Advanced Aromatherapy course from Healing Fragrancesin 2009. She graduated from D’Arcy Lane 2200 hour massage program in 2007. She is also a graduate of Business Marketing from Mohawk College.

Stephie’s heritage is French and Native American. She is fluent in french.

Stephie enjoys actively educating and motivating individuals to enhance their health and invites us to nurture ourselves as God and Goddess through relaxation, rejuvenation and vision. Stephie Cyr is the founder of Inner Insights Holistic School & Spa, currently celebrating 22 years in holistic health with Inner Insights. She has spoken on A-Channel, Rogers, at Western University, Fanshawe College, for various government branches, Loblaw’s, Chapter’s Book Store, Medix Medical School, Darcy Lane, Holistic World Expo, Spirituality Expo, Wineries, Spark Conference -Thames Valley School Board etc.

Inner Insights offers various certification courses, workshops, spa services, seminars and carry our own line of natural beauty spa skincare.

Holistic Health Care is the best health insurance you can get I do believe. It requires your commitment to assume responsibility for your health. Inner Insights thrives on educating individuals towards healthier lifestyles with Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and modalities.

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