Hello Stephie,

It was really great seeing you at Sunfest.  My husband really liked the citrus tea tree oil soap!! It was a long journey trying to get pregnant through the fertility clinic.  Every other day getting blood work and ultrasounds, only to be disappointed with no progression which in turn stressed us out.  After two years of trying different combination drugs, Clomid, Progesterone, Estrogen, and many others.  Nothing worked, and in fact made me feel even worse.  I met Stephie at a healing circle at Shangrila Yoga Studio, where people get together to either give or receive some form of treatment.  Stephie is extremely knowledgeable with stabilizing hormones with using different foods, and herbal products.  She told me about TFE which made me feel great, normal again with so much energy and just healthy.  I was also taking HFE which help shed my uterine lining, which I think helped me get pregnant two months later.  We were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy named Everett.  He is such a blessing in our hearts and owe much of Stephie’s time and dedication to helping guide us through that chapter in our books.

Thanks, - Heather MacIntyre

You really are a great teacher Stephie, the spark in your eye and the knowledge you have about holistic health, nutrition and your positive energy and feedback…I’ve always felt brighter when around you.

Graduate of Hot Stone & Holistic Spa Program - Kelly Rogers - Happy Rock Holistic

Thank you so much for the iridology reading for my granddaughter Natalie tonight. It was excellent, she was extremely pleased and most impressed. It is always a pleasure to see you and you never cease to amaze me with your wisdom of holistic healing therapies. I so look forward to the next time we meet, hopefully it will be soon. Until then, many thanks. Do hope your holiday adventure in Peru with your son is fantastic. - Catharine Spraggett

Stephie always finds the time to promptly respond to my emails when I have any technique-based or business-related questions, to provide guidance if I am uncertain about a course of action, and to help me re-fill my stock in (sometimes desperate!) times of need. I am grateful to have such a supportive and giving teacher and for the lessons I continue to learn from Stephie. It is wonderful to know that the mentoring and friendship that developed during my studies also continues post-certification.

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