Wart Remedy

The Wart Remedy -over 300 of my clients cleared Plantar warts in 24 hours or less with something from their kitchen. Works on all warts. Wanna take a guess at what it is? Oh I can’t resist sharing this gem. Never seen it not work. I did it first on myself, gone in 12 hours, that was 17 years ago, never got another. Listen very carefully as detail is important. Cut a fresh local clove of garlic in half. Cut to size on wart, no bigger! Apply open face on wart, duct tape with an X and leave on for 12 hours. Do it at night so you are not walking around on it. Remove in am, notice wart is now translucent & flick off your wart. Ta daa. It is pain free. Repeat for another 12 hrs if that did not fall off with a light flick. Now look carefully, is there a black root? Dip a needle in lavender or alcohol to disinfect and pick the root and hook up; the whole root will come out. Garlic is an anti fungal and analgesic (pain reliever) amongst a plethora of other benefits. Plantar warts are the most aggressive because they have a root, others are far easier and almost always gone in 12 hours, but may take up to 24 hours.
Before I tried this I was limping around after trying Compound W. How is that crap even legal. The skin was gone around the wart and hurt so much to walk, but it never touched the bloody wart. Can’t believe that stuff is still on the shelves.
The more you know, the more you heal naturally and share;)