Witches Healing Brew for Acute Injuries


We call it our Witches Magic Healing Poultice.  It’s a blend of a dozen herbs including Arnica, Calendula, Witch Hazel, Comfrey and Rosehips.

Through the last near 2 decades of applying herbal decoctions in a compress application 3 times a day for 3-5 days I have seen incredible acceleratting healing to Sprains, Strains, Hematomas (bad bruises with bump), and fractures.  A man had a 800 lb 4 wheeler roll over him several times as he fell down a hill..his leg and butt were black and blue, but he could go through full range of motion so I figured no breaks.  For the next 2 days, a herbal cloth saturated in the tea was applied cold to the injured areas and wrapped with a bag and ice pack, and limb was elevated above the heart for the 20 minutes, 3 times a day. After the first day the bruises quickly healed turning green and by the second day yellow and there were no more signs of swelling. Because signs of acute injury were no longer present the compress was applied hot for the third day. having healed quickly, and thoroughly, without adhesions or scar tissue, the gentleman no longer limped and has regained full strength to his leg.

Yes your body does heal itself, however after a muscle or tendon has torn, it heals with scar tissue.  These adhesions can restrict your range of motion, reduced blood flow, create painful nerve impingement from contractures, and be a hot spot for pain when stress reoccurs.

I was first introduced to healing brews by my midwives as a gift.  They instructed me to bathe in a rich decoction  for baby and myself together on his first feed (shortly after he was born).  As a herbalist, I looked at this and thought brilliant and added a few more important herbs and made myself a few more bags.  I had torn 2 layers deep and choice to heal without stiches and this brew and a few other magical applications like our healing salve and our multi purpose baby bum wash really help with a quick and painless recovery.

Since then, (nearly 17 years ago) I have seen phenomenal solid healing for the worst accidents you can imagine.  You could say I have a thing for getting this incredible healing compress out there.

All our Deep Tissue Aromatherapy students are gifted a magic herbal bag with an assignment.  They must find a client with sprain, strain, hematoma or fracture to rate the cardinal signs of inflammation and take photos with each application over a 3-5 das period.  Results are astounding and leave them with a great memory for how they can help people in the practice and every day life.

Enhance your healing time and reduce chance of reinjury or secondary conditions by applying a Witches Brew.  These herbal teas are a wise follow up to any healing plan following injuries to muscles, tendon, soft tissues and fractures.  Ideally you want to begin application same day as injury.  If the tissue is past the sub acute stage (2-10 days depending on injury), you are too late for this application my friend.

Make informed choices by looking into alternatives and do take care.  Be a team player in your healthcare program.  Remember your body is made perfectly, listen to your body talk and nurture it, because you deserve to feel great.